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September 09, 2012


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I am in the process of developing a web-based app which is to pull data from qbo and qbd. I'm debating between the sdk and rest api, however i dont need or want to market my app through the marketplace. Can i still use the rest api (intuit data services) or do i need to use sdk?


William Lorfing

At the present time, you would need to use the SDK.

Andy Gonsalwez

What if I have to connect using OAuth to any other service apart from QuickBooks ? How to achieve that ?


I want to develop a web service that both queries QBO and enters data too. By web service, I mean that this data would be collected from a third party source, and once authorized to use QB for that particular company, this data would then entered into QBO without any interaction from the user.

Can I do this?

Can I get into the App Center too?




i am getting 401 error when tried from Crome REST API client.Please help me out.

William Lorfing

It sounds like the signature signing isn't correct.

Try using the API explorer and see if it works there. The API explorer is more stable and handles the signature signing better.



Please post the sample of APEX code to call the Quickbook rest API service and fetch the data.

Kumarvel Sriranga

I am working on the integration of an .Net application with QBO.

As shown in the above screens, I see this message: "The application requesting access to your Intuit data has not been approved by Intuit and there is not bound to Intuit's terms of service. Please proceed at your own risk."

Is there a way, we can remove this? Can you direct me the correct team or contact that can help me with this?

William Lorfing

You will need to go through the publishing process and have your app tech and security checked before this can be removed.


Make sure you have gone through Requirements checklist before submitting your app for review.

Kumarvel Sriranga

Thanks for your quick response William.

I am using In-App QuickBooks Connect rather than Intuit App Center subscription.

All the directions mentioned in there, appears to be around App Center Subscription though...

William Lorfing

The first section is for the Connect to QuickBooks section which you are using. The second half is for Appcenter setup.

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